This is just annoying. Too annoying. I really don’t even know why I have to look at this. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you’re probably reading this and thinking I’m a weirdo and all, but I’m not. I’m just upset. Very upset.
Good morning/afternoon/evening to you. You’re back to the blog where you gain useful information about nothing. Where you come here with nothing, and you leave with nothing. Maybe just a little drop in your IQ, but still, nothing will be learned from reading this blog.
Straight to the point. I was just bored, scrolling down my timeline on facebook when I came across that picture. The picture above. All I could do was sigh and sigh and sigh. Heavily. This is just upsetting. Judging from the photo above, its clear that this “King” either wants to be loved and he has money to offer judging by his “Expensive” chain, or Legover Alagomeji just got dumped by his girlfriend (if he could ever acquire one) and after crying his eyes out, decided to show us that he’s still the “King”. A loser king at that judging by the jersey. Arsenal fans. I have nothing against you. But since you have no trophies to show (except your emirates Trophy) you’re losers.

Now this, among many others, are the things I see on Facebook daily (I still wonder why I have that account). People just abusing photo editing websites. And it really upsets me. If you don’t know how to use something, ask someone who does to help you. Then WATCH and learn. Once in a while, its good to try and do things on your own, but sometimes, when the result is obviously horrible, why don’t you just relax and watch other people at work?
This is still normal. The photograph I mean. There are others where some people just crop their pictures and fix it with celebrities, or where some people just give themselves accessories which they might never have through out their life time.
Right now, I have no idea what I’m blogging about, but I don’t care. I’m upset. I said it before. So limme alone 😐
On the plus side, I’ll still continue to bring you useful information about nothing 😀

Next normal blog post is tomorrow though, have a nice day ^.^
But please. PLEASE. If you cannot use photoshop, please don’t. Ask for someone’s assistance so you don’t make an ass of yourself. Thank you

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